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Play Group

Play Group

“Education isn’t just about knowing facts; it’s about teaching our minds to think,” said Albert Einstein.
For parents, the top priority is setting a good start in life for their little ones. That’s why quality early childhood education matters so much to us. Education isn’t only found in books; it’s everywhere, anytime.

Play Group  is where kids take a step forward in their learning journey. They solve small puzzles and challenges, which help them get better at solving problems and thinking logically. Every term, they explore new themes and ideas, satisfying their curiosity.

This level suits children aged 1.5 years and older. It helps them grow at a comfortable pace, getting them ready for a lifetime of learning. It also sparks their love for creating, learning new things, discovering, and exploring.

Our goal for preschoolers is to build a strong foundation in reading, counting, recognizing letters and numbers, and forming good relationships with parents, friends, and teachers by the end of the school year.